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Please note that all these topics are thoroughly covered in our kindle publishing course.

What's the best course of action after I have purchased Kindle Publishing Course?

Go to your designated member area and follow the video modules in the sequence they are shown, i.e. starting from module 1 down. After watching each video, be sure to check out the corresponding handout (PDF) to ensure that you are following the key points captured in the video.

How long will it take me to start generating passive income?

Generating income requires a plan, hard work and commitment and some leap of faith. By rushing, don’t set yourself up for giving up too soon. Having said that, in most cases, you can start earning within a month or so after publishing your first book provided you fully applied your learning and did your part in due diligence.

I live outside USA, can i still publish kindle or paperback books?

In a word, Yes. Not only can you publish books from pretty much anywhere in the world, but also get paid either via direct deposit (40+ countries as we speak) or receive a check for your royalties in other countries. However, please note that Amazon pays royalties after 60 days from the date of book sales.

I live outside USA, should I publish in my own Amazon marketplace?

Unless there is a strong reason for you to do so (e.g. you know something peculiar that your market would accept), you should stick to US marketplace. USA is the largest market by far, hence represents the biggest passive income opportunity for sales with or without Amazon. For the record, you can publish in any Amazon marketplace you want regardless of your location or country of residence.

I live outside USA, does the same TAX rules apply to me?

No. Once you register with Amazon as a non-US person (individual or company), Amazon will not withhold any taxes for you. However, they will still issue a tax form at the year-end that you will use to file taxes in your country.

What should be my singular focus, once my book is published?

Your #1 target, after your book is published, launched and promoted (round one) is to get it ranked higher on Amazon for your set of niche keywords (“paleo diet” or “yoga for seniors” etc.). Once your book starts selling, your Best Seller Rank (BSR) will drop which means your book will get ranked higher and potentially featured within Amazon Best Seller books. As your sales ramp up, you will start to rank for your keywords, i.e. your book will eventually show up on the first page when customer search using those keywords.

I have finished the free promotion with a few reviews, however my sales are not ramping up just yet - why?

There are multitudes of factors in play, so your best bet would be to give it some more time. If you have already waited for 4-6 weeks, and your niche is broad enough to register more sales than you’re getting, then it is time to tune and optimize your book’s meta-data (e.g. cover page, title/sub-title, description, keywords, may be even category etc.)

For some bizarre reason, bunch of my reviews have disappeared over night - why?

Amazon has been cracking down on review system abusers, and since most of it is automated (software driven as opposed to human due diligence), there is room for errors and from time to time real genuine reviews also get taken down. If there was something obviously wrong with those reviews (e.g. violation of Amazon TOS), then you should contact the reviewer(s) and ask them to repost their reviews. In addition to that, you should always be working on getting more reviews.

Is adding affiliate links into my kindle books cool?

No. It is against the Amazon TOS, and something you should never attempt.

Is Amazon cool with me having multiple KDP accounts?

No. It is against the Amazon TOS, and something you should never attempt.

My books are selling, but I have not paid by Amazon yet - why?

Amazon pays 60 days after the end of the month in which your sales occurred. Amazon also enforces minimum threshold amounts for direct deposit ($10) and check ($100) payments. Please note that they are turning on direct deposits in more and more countries and walking away from check payments.

What actions are possible for a book that I have already published?

Well, it’s your book and you are in complete control as far as publishing, un-publishing (taking it down) or editing/modifying the manuscript (and re-upload via KDP).

In order to publish a book on Amazon, do I need to use my real name?

No, you can legally use any pen name you want. Amazon KDP offers ultimate zero cost private label passive income business model. Technically, you can pick a new pen name for each book you write. You can also keep one name for each broad category, e.g. fiction versus non-fiction.

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