Launch an Online Business in Four Steps

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Launch an Online Business in Four Steps

Launch an Online Business in Four Steps

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First and foremost, you must not wait until forever to launch your business, unnecessary perfectionism is a disease and is your enemy when it comes to online businesses. Preconditions to launching a business include careful evaluation of your target market and alignment with the brand and the product that you plan to launch. Your job with an online business launch is to create demand and it is best done even before you have a product or perhaps even a brand. Are you kidding me, how am I supposed to do that? Well, let me explain. You can create a facebook page which costs nothing and buy some Ads to create demand for your niche. Another example could be a landing page where you can post some part of your product (for a book, it could be Chapter #1), and start building your email list in anticipation of your launch.

Let me summarize the overall launch and promotion process in 4 steps.


1. Keyword research for your target market or niche

It is super important to complete your keyword research even before you pick a name for your brand let alone the product. Be sure to start with Google since they provide exact search volume associated with different topics and keywords. There is no easy way to accurately predict Amazon search volume for your keywords, however Google search results can be used to extrapolate the volume and trending. We now already know that about half of product related searches start on Amazon as opposed to starting on Google. You can also use AnswerthePublic to get a list of common questions that are asked within your niche on Google.

2. Optimize your launch and marketing plan around traffic channels where your customers already hang out

It is easy to get distracted with so much advice out there about how to launch a business. Remember, you need to optimize your launch around your niche and what matters to your target customers. Focus on buying as opposed to selling.

As far as I am concerned, your biggest launch objective is to generate demand, so your reach is your  #1 metric that would determine your launch success. If you are launching a kindle book, and this isn’t your first book, you gotta segment and leverage your existing email list to boot. If this is your first book, then you need to identify all of the traffic channels (Facebook pages, twitter hashtags and accounts, instagram account etc.) where your customers already hang out. In order to have a successful launch, you need to tap into all major traffic channels and online boards where customers are likely to hear about it.

3. Promotion

As I have discussed in online business mastery framework, product and offer are two different things. Your offer is more than your product, it has everything that your target customers finds so attractive that they would buy from you as opposed to your competitor. You can promote via press releases, paid advertising, and by attending relevant trade shows.


If you are publishing your first book, you need to give away copies during promotion your phase, write guest blog posts what have you. Your goal should be to have at least 5-10 positive reviews as early in the cycle as you can.

4. Product positioning

It is super crucial to segment your target market during your product research phase and match your offer to your target market segment. Your target market segment is essentially your niche. Describe your product in a way your customers can relate to and see how it would transform their lives. You can use exact personas in your messaging to articulate the transformation in the form of testimonials.

Last but not least, subject matter discussed in this post, as well as others, is covered thoroughly in various online courses offered by Private Label Mastery. Please feel free to share your questions or comments, I will be answering them over the next few days.


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