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Literally, millions of people each month search on google about “how to” start a business and create passive income preferably online while working from home. Now, when you look around, you don’t find even a tiny portion of folks successfully making it and publicly reporting doing so. Adding to that, you would also find a bunch of folks selling online business training programs all over the web.

When so many people want to make money and particularly passive income online along with all the help available to achieve it, so why in the world, are they still not succeeding?

Just like most things in life, blame goes to both sides, wanna-be-millionaires and training program sellers. Well, based on my own experience and observation, I will submit to you that following are the top reasons why most trying, are not able to make the leap. Let’s start with the first group, which includes most of us and I will divide them into four groups.

Wanna-be-millionaire (or dare I say billionaire)

  • Never Getting Started Or Never Finishing: There is no word that defines these folks other than “Fear”. Based on past experiences or just going by the “voice in the head”, they fear that they are destined to fail and surrender to their fears before even they get started – so they never get started despite committing to various online or offline (e.g. seminars) business education programs and courses. There is another type of these folks, who do get started but never finish due to their infatuation to perfectionism.


  • Beliefs: Most people just don’t have the right belief system to begin with, which essentially limits their ability to tap into their own potential to the maximum extent possible. “Journey is the destination”, so while having clear expected outcome is critical, it is the whole process (or journey) that matters in the end (i.e. my friend, who you become).
  • Lack of Immediate Results: Based on google historical search volume, each month, there are hundreds of thousands of people who search for “how to make money fast”. So when these people don’t see the “fast” results that they were expecting, they immediately give up on their dream. This is the primary reason why you need to be super clear on “why” you want to generate income or any life goals and you gotta give up the idea of get-rich-quick.

  • Value or Identity Conflict: Believe it or not, lots of people at the same time while chasing the millionaire dream, believe deep down that “having lots of money is evil or impure” or “when they have lots of money, they won’t be loved”. This creates a value conflict which keeps them from succeeding. You have to resolve your internal conflicts before you can tap into your own full potential.

value conflict

Unfortunately “figuring out” or mechanics is only about 20% of what makes people successful, 80% of success (financial or otherwise) is about psychology or mindset.

Now, let’s discuss the second group, folks who believe they have made it and now trying to educate others so they can make it too. I am not saying that whole bunch of them are insincere or dishonest, however it is a fact of life that doing something successfully doesn’t give you the de-facto authority or ability to teach it to others.

Online Education Programs

  • Not Having Your Own Mask On First: I am sure you have heard the airplane safety announcement, the part about oxygen and cabin pressure before a plane takes off, i.e. “If you are traveling with a child or someone who requires assistance, secure your mask on first before assisting others”. You can’t give it to someone, something that you don’t have. Lots of those program sellers do not quiet have the grip of the subject matter yet, but they are out there trying to assist others (sincerely or insincerely).

  • Holding Back Key Information: Believe it or not, lots of folks believe that they may lose it themselves by sharing it with others. They end up sharing only the half truth, and hold back some of the key information or critical success factors that are must-have in order to succeed in the given domain (Kindle Publishing or FBA etc.). In reality, it is a totally unfounded fear, because only by helping others get what they want, you can have what you want – there is NOT a single example of anyone who made it without helping someone along the way.
  • Lacking the Art of Teaching or Coaching: As we know, there are plethora of business models that are equally interesting and carry the enormous potential of passive income. So when it comes to people applying them, there are no right or wrong answers. This means that person who is coaching must have the ability to describe clearly what it takes to succeed in each domain or niche upfront. Take example of Kindle Publishing, not all of us are literary geniuses who can crank out best selling fiction novels, however that still doesn’t mean you can’t do it, just that you need to hire a ghostwriter to help you get there.

Now, having said above, I am a big believer in human potential and that it is virtually unlimited. We all are born with bunch of gifts and we can certainly teach ourselves whatever we want if we’re willing to put in the required work.

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Who am I? 

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Feel free to drop your comments or questions below, I will be responding to them over the next few days and weeks.


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